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Card Dispenser WB-CL10 FUHENG

1. The structure is simple and reliable; 2. The power consumption is small; 3. The card search and card issuing speed are fast; 4. The clear card and the card is processed separately to improve the reliability; 5. It is compatible with a variety of card readers; 6. Integrated design Easy to handle; 7, easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain.

The out-of-order card issuing machine is an automatic card that stores different cards in the corresponding position, and delivers the corresponding cards to the customers according to the requirements specified by the customer, especially satisfying various personalized card issuance requirements. The product also has the functions of issuing cards, reading cards, and cleaning up for a long time without receiving cards. The product solves the individualized demand of card issuance, and can meet the various requirements of different customers. The product can be applied to the fields such as bank card same number self-service card replacement, personalized bank card self-service collection, ID card self-service collection, and social security card self-service collection.

Main functions:

- Card distribute from cassette

- Card transmit to different IP for storage

- Card dispense as specified order

- Card dispense to card reader for double check before dispensing

- Card sort and count management

- Card capture (2 card capture bins)

Applications Scenarios:

- Registered/Applied card/credential dispensing

- Identity cards/credentials temporary storage

eg: visitor management