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Magnetic Card Reader WB-CS10

Msr 90 Magnetic Swipe Card Reader

Interface cable can be customized (serial + USB power / USB communication)

Buzzer indication custom

LED prompt customization

Track head and tail customization

USB HID and USB keyboard can be switched freely (providing automatic upload/instruction control mode/instruction control + cache read mode)

Factory configuration custom client ID

Magnetic Swipe  Card Reader

Small footprint to fit in tight places 
Reads up to 3 tracks of information 
Bidirectional swipe reading 
HICO/LOCO Cards all compatible 
Reliable for over 1,000,000 card swipes 
Threaded inserts for mounting 
Reads ISO7811, AAMVA, CA DMV & most other card data formats 
LED indicator(Green light is on when connecting. Green light blinks when cards swiped.) 
Configuration software makes configuration changes easy

Technical parameter

Card Standard

ISO 7811/7812

Track Position


ISO 2 (ABA),


Recording Density

210 BPI

75 BPI

210 BPI

Recording Capacity

79 Characters

40 Characters

107 Characters

Power Supply

+5V DC ±5%

Power consumption




Head Function

Magnetic track width:1.5mm

Card thickness

PVC 0.76 ± 0.08mm

Operation Speed

10 ~ 150cm/sec

Error Rate

0.5% Less Than (JSE Test card)

Working place


Head life

500,000 card passes (1 pass :    one swipe)


Operation:-20°C ~ 70°C,  Storage: -30°C ~ 70°C


Operation:20 ~ 90%    RH ,  storage:Less than 95% RH



l  Working temperature and humidity:0 50 , 2090% RH 

l  Storage temperature and humidity:-30 70 ,095% RH 

l  Power Supply: DC5±0.5V 

l  Quiescent Current: 10mA/5V 

l  Output ripple: Less than 50mVp-p 

l  Magnetic card standard: In accordance with ISO 7811/7812

l  Operation Speed: 10 - 140 cm/sec (4-56inch/sec) 

l  Card thickness: PVC 0.76±0.08mm 

l  Decoding method: F2F (FM) 

l  Card reading standard: ISO7811, ANSI/DIN/ISO,IBM3604,IBM4746,AAMVA(Optional),CADMV(Optional)

l  Recording Capacity:   First track 210 BPI, second track 75 BPI/210BPI, third track 210 BPI

Card reading data bit:  The first track is 79 characters (7-bit), the second track is 40 characters (5-bit), and the third track is 107 characters (5-bit). 

l  Card success rate:  Over 99.5% 80% new card

l  Interface:  USB or RS232 interface

l  Magnetic head life: 1000,000 times

l  Shell insulation value:   500V, 10 MΩ or more (between the ground and the main body)

l  Weight:         70g

l  Dimension:     90(L)*27(W)mm*28(H)mm

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