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FH-SP22 Passport Scanner

The FH-SP22 credential reader is a compact, versatile and multi-type certificate recognition equipment. It has an optical imaging system that collects color, infrared, and ultraviolet images of documents; it integrates an RFID module that reads various document chips, and can optionally be equipped with a domestic second-generation resident ID card reader. It can identify various passes such as resident ID cards, passports, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passes, home visit permits, residence permits, and passports. It is very suitable for applications such as hotels, government service windows, foreign institutions, airport high-speed rail and other crowded occasions such as information collection, registration, inspection, and entry and exit personnel management.


Ø Text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can identify all kinds of letters, numbers, characters, symbols, patterns and other information of documents with high accuracy. The character recognition accuracy rate is ≥99%, and the alphanumeric accuracy rate is 100%;

Ø Powerful radio frequency recognition module, which can read the chip information of resident ID cards, e-passports, and various card-type documents. The chip reading accuracy rate is 100%;

Ø The image resolution is 400DPI, which is common to common international equipment, which is convenient for customer system integration;

Ø Multiple light source imaging, visible light color image archive, infrared light black and white image recognition, ultraviolet light color image anti-counterfeiting;

Ø Automatic trigger recognition, simplified operation training, convenient user operation, fast recognition speed, suitable for self-service applications.

Ø The size is small and square, which is suitable for embedding in turnstiles and can be placed on the desktop.

Types of readable documents

Ø Domestic resident ID card: first-generation and second-generation resident ID cards, temporary ID cards, driving licenses, residence permits

Ø Domestic issuance of documents: Chinese passport, travel permits to and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, home visit permits

Ø Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Resident Certificates: Hong Kong Permanent Resident ID Card, Hong Kong ID Card, Macau ID Card, Taiwan Compatriot Card

Ø International passport: foreign passport, foreign driving license

Ø Domestic electronic scan code ID card

Passport reader specification:

Item Description
Image Collection range 128x92mm
Resolution   400DPI
Lightsource Visible, IR and UV 365nm
OCR  Numbers, letters, text, patterns
100% success rate of OCR numbers   and letters
OCR   Chinese text success rate 99%
RFID  Support ICAO9303 standard   Part1-4  
ISO 14443 Type A/Type B smart   card
The maximum rate can reach   848Kbps
Barcode 1Dode   128, Code39 and etc
2DPDF417QR, Data   Matrix etc
Interface USB2.0 *2 
Support   USB interface expansion
LED indicator error, power status, and   operation
Power External standard power adapter,  
    power consumption is less than 20W
Input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.8A
Output   5V3A DC JK5.5*2.1
Dimension L192xW163x95mm(excluding the up cover)
L192xW163x133mm(including   the up cover)
Weight <1KG
Recommended   Computer Configuration 1.7 GHz Pentium 4
50G Disk
1G      DRAM
Above   Win7 , above Android 4.0 
OS Humidity: 20%-80%, non-condensing
Temperature:   0-40 for operation, -20-50 for storage
Warranty 1 year

Ø Hotel: Guest check-in information registration

Ø Entry-exit management: information management of entry-exit personnel

Ø Telecom and bank counters: real-name management of personnel

Ø Airports, high-speed railways: information management of passage personnel entry and exit

Ø Visitor management: personnel entry and exit certificate registration

Ø Judicial notarization: personnel identity verification